My gym's water dispenser runs #Linux 👍 The #KDE version is 4.x being EOL since 2014 (?) or so 👎, indicating that this machine hasn't been updated IN A WHILE...

Image description: a photo of a water dispenser's touchscreen. On the bottom of the screen, you can see the KDE 4 taskbar

What's the current trend in #immutable #Linux desktops? I've been following developments of #Fedora silverblue and #OpenSuse MicroOS, bit haven't found an afwul lot of user experiences for day-to-day desktop usage. Anyone out there with insights or recommendations?

How come that after all these decades, innovations and fancy solutions, the most accessible and most reliable way to do #backups is freaking zip/tar with low compression onto an external network drive... #linux

Has anyone experience with #S3 object storage? IONOS has a relatively cheap offer and I am thinking about using it as my main file storage on my #VPS (mostly music). #selfhosted #opensource #linux

Does anyone have good experience with LUKS full disk encryption on systemd-boot? I'd even take lilo if that's working with uefi. #linux

Who would have thought that encrypting your /boot would be such a mess with GRUB's detrimental decryption performance on every boot or waking up from hibernate...

Should have stuck with unencrypted /boot... #linux

I've been in the fediverse since 2017 already, however with the recent growth in users and the switch to my own instance, I figured it is time for an #introduction.

I am a #Statistician and #DataScientist from Germany. I am also passionate about Free and #OpenSource #Software and am deeply involved in hosting, developing and advocacy of privacy friendly FOSS tools.

Besides above two topics, I share posts & ramble myself about #politics in Germany and the EU, #feminism, #veganism, #selfhosting, #rstats, #linux and whatever is currently happening. Posts are typically in English, shares are often in German as well.

If you have further questions, you are free to ask any time. You can find further contact info (incl. PGP) on my website