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Diese werden oft als Teil von systematischen Übersichtsarbeiten (systematic review) verwendet, in denen Veröffentlichungen zu einem bestimmten Thema untersucht und ausgewertet werden.

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Today: baked potatoes with baked mushrooms and a creamy sauce #vegan

Just remembered that situation in 2007, when we were supposed to present a section of our favorite book or play our favorite song and analyze its lyrics in class. I found it fitting to smash Rise Against's "Ready to Fall" in front of an obviously shocked suburban teacher and a classroom full of 6 graders 😅

Being really into Apple products is a big red flag to me. Giving up your digital rights in favor of a golden cage under any circumstance - but especially for nothing but a minor increase in comfort - should be as intolerable for tech as it is in other areas of life.

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Die #LetzteGeneration wird ja gerade zurecht kritisiert. Was ich mich frage:
Welchen Weg würde denn jemand ohne tiefere IT-Kenntnisse gehen? Dropbox, Google Docs etc. ist vermutlich allen bekannt und die nutzen das schon. Wie bekommt man Laien dazu, standardmäßig NextCloud, Cryptpad etc. zu verwenden?

beet tarte flambé with apple and salad #vegan
rice bowl with spicy broccoli and sweet potatoe #vegan

I just released v2.0.0-8 of ktistec. The most impactful changes are:

  1. No more dependencies on externally hosted assets (and fewer dependencies, overall)
  2. Basic support for timeline filters (no shares and no replies).
  3. Support for content filtering by keyword.

Volume has dropped off in my timeline, for the most part, now that the surge of people who signed up for Mastodon accounts a couple months ago have gone back to posting on Twitter, or have stopped posted about the transition, or whatever. But fine grained control is nice, and filtering allows me to tune my experience—better late than never!

Read the changelog for all of the details.


Ich dachte es sei inzwischen verbreitetes Wissen, dass der Regenwald für Tierfutter abgeholzt wird, nicht für Tofu und Sojaschnitzel. Wurde eines Besseren belehrt.
Ich denke jetzt, man sollte es immer wieder Posten. 🌱☀️ #soja #Ernährung #Vegan #Regenwald #Klima #klimakatastrophe #Tierindustrie #Fleisch #Milch #Eier #Tierfutter

Months back I suggested people use data protection rights to ask Twitter to erase their DMs, as deleting them manually does not remove them from the server (michae.lv/deleting-dms-from-tw). Twitter sent back an illegal response to all who asked, ignoring the Q & instead a pro forma "Here's how you delete your account!".

I complained to the ICO & Irish DPC. ICO wrote a letter to T telling them to comply within 14 days, but still nothing.

I know others have complained — have you heard back from DPAs?