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Data centers now consume 21% of all the electricity in Ireland, more than all the homes in its cities and towns combined. Cloud providers still want more.

This drive for ever-increasing computation serves no one but the bottom lines of major tech companies. It must be stopped.


#tech #ai #datacenters #ireland #energy

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To prevent Firefox Telemetry completely, simply set the following two values in about:config to


#firefox #privacy

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Der #wdr ordnet den Priorit盲ten der #fdp gef眉hrten #Bundesregierung Geldbetr盲ge zu.

Um das Dienstwagenprevileg in vollem Umfang f眉r die Chefetage zu erhalten, werden die mit #Deutschlandticket zur Kasse gebeten.
(Dank an @joerg_spengler f眉r's teilen der Grafik.)

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鈿狅笍 Update: Network data show #Bangladesh has now been offline for over 48 hours after authorities impose a nation-scale internet shutdown in a bid to quell student protests 鈴憋笍

The blackout continues to hinder human rights observers and independent media at a critical time.

Due to the heat today, a salad was pretty much the only dinner idea we found enjoyable. Was a good one though! Green salad, tomatoes, a peach, walnuts, onions, kimchi, chickpeas, and soy-based "meat" stripes #vegan #food

Image description: a black plate with the above mentioned ingredients next to a colorful water bottle.

I just released v2.0.0 of ktistec. It's just bug fixes on top of the last prerelease, but it's much improved over v1.0.0. The README and CHANGELOG have more detail but features and improvements include:

  • Content filtering
  • Support for more ActivityPub object types
  • Support for following threads, hashtags and mentions
  • Collection and presentation of server performance metrics
  • Setting the application name in the webmanifest (thanks JayVii)
  • Mastodon-compatible user profile metadata (thanks relistan)
  • Links to the pages of remote actors (thanks vrthra)
  • Support for handling 303s in searches (thanks winks)
  • Automatic database backups

I'm working on user experience enhancements for the next release: I've just finished streaming updates to the front-end鈥攏o more refreshing the page to see if you have new posts in your timeline (and new notifications).


Das ZDF behauptet, Termine mit Verkehrsminister Volker Wissing (FDP), Staatssekret盲r Oliver Luksic (FDP) und Finanzminister Christian Lindner (FDP) seien kaufbar.

Wenn das stimmt und die drei im Amt bleibt, dann wei脽 ich auch nicht.


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"Unskilled labor" does not exist. That term is only used to push down wages.


Started working on some tiny #ktistec end-user hacks: https://src.jayvii.de/pub/ktistec-tweaks

For now only a user #CSS theme i dupped "purple-ish": https://src.jayvii.de/pub/ktistec-tweaks/file/css/purpleish.css.html

Maybe more to come in the future. Or not, we'll see :)