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This is so accurate that it actually hurts
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Danke @tante: „Ich finde es wichtig, dass wen man eine Bühne bekommt sie manchmal auch nutzt um Dinge zu sagen, die man ursprünglich gar nicht geplant hatte“ und „Trans rights are human rights“.

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Little rant about my ISP:

Can they PLEASE make their default router hardware work to some  degree? I already got the third device in two years, because they keep breaking down completely. You can not really configure or fix the devices at all, so the only way is to let them replace it with the same type of hardware again.

The forums are full of people complaining about their default router, while their answer always seems to be "well, you can always buy yourself a Fritzbox or rent one from us for a small premium". Not that i wouldn't like to own my own device and use it with whatever isp, but that cannot be the solution to the underlying issue, can it? If they offer a service and send you hardware that is required to use this service, it better be functional at least on a minimal level. I am not asking for any niche feature here, I want a working LAN and WiFi connection, that's all.

To top it off, their default WiFi router is so unstable, it randomly cuts out, prompting the router to reboot, meaning several minutes downtime. Particularly when transferring large amounts of data via wifi for a longer period of time (watching live streams, doing backups to remote location, etc). It sometimes starts hanging during boot and does not receive an IP. In that case you have to manually reboot it again until it works. As a remedy I had to buy a 30€ WAP, connected to the router via LAN, replacing the router's internal WiFi capabilities. This "fix" is (in my limited testing) very stable and surprisingly delivers substantially higher transfer rates. How is that OK?

It is not like I'd have a better choice ISP-wise. From what I hear, the default hardware from others is equally bad. The only real way appears to be, to get your own hardware and let the ISPs get through with their customer hostile practices...

34 years ago today... #TiananmenSquare

Actually made a switch from Debian to #Alpine now. Feels quite snappy and easy to use. Let's see how this goes :)

„Ein weiterer oft genannter Vorschlag: Asylverfahren an den Grenzen, nicht im Lande selbst?

Auch das ist Symbolpolitik, wie Sie leicht an den Lagern auf den griechischen Inseln sehen können. Deren Ergebnis sind nicht schnelle Verfahren, sondern vor allem Verelendung und Prekarisierung.“

Die absolute Unfähigkeit*, vor allem deutscher Köche, irgendetwas #vegan​es zu kochen, was nicht Langeweile pur ist und/oder wie LKW-Reifen schmeckt, ist fast schon beeindruckend.

*Unwille/Ignoranz, was auch immer


Braucht jemand ein Ticket für #Metallica morgen und/oder Sonntag in #Hamburg? Sitzplatz?

„Wohlfahrtsgewinne von mindestens 950 Millionen Euro jährlich in 🇩🇪 , bei Tempolimit 130 km/h auf Autobahnen: gesparter Treibstoff, weniger Unfälle, geringere Lieferkettenkosten, Einsparungen bei Infrastruktur- #Tempolimit130Jetzt