@adamhsparks well, it might have been a bit of cheating, but besides the lines of config:
C-c = { C-c = ["goto_prev_paragraph", "collapse_selection", "goto_next_paragraph", ":pipe-to ~/.local/bin/send-to-tmux", "collapse_selection"], c = ["toggle_comments"] }
C-c = { C-c = [":pipe-to ~/.local/bin/send-to-tmux"], c = ["toggle_comments"] }

There are actually two bash scripts involved as well:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
while IFS= read line; do
        tmux send-keys -t "helix_term" "$line" "Enter"

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# unset $TMUX variable to enforce spawn
export TMUX=""
# Grab command
if [[ -z "$1" ]]; then
# Create new tmux session
tmux -2 new-session -s "helix_term" -d "$CMD"
# Attach to tmux session
tmux -2 attach-session -t "helix_term"

I now can simply start my #rstats session with helixterm.sh R in a split terminal next to my script opened in helix and send code to it (both in normal or select mode) with 2x Ctrl-C. Of course that also works on a remote R-session via ssh and whatnot.

#HelixEditor & #Tmux with only two lines of config makes a better code editor for #rstats than any other editor or #R IDE I tried before. Helix replaced neovim for me completely

Reading the #Julia documentation and style guidelines, sucks me into the same deep hole that I once fell into when learning about #rstats

I've been in the fediverse since 2017 already, however with the recent growth in users and the switch to my own instance, I figured it is time for an #introduction.

I am a #Statistician and #DataScientist from Germany. I am also passionate about Free and #OpenSource #Software and am deeply involved in hosting, developing and advocacy of privacy friendly FOSS tools.

Besides above two topics, I share posts & ramble myself about #politics in Germany and the EU, #feminism, #veganism, #selfhosting, #rstats, #linux and whatever is currently happening. Posts are typically in English, shares are often in German as well.

If you have further questions, you are free to ask any time. You can find further contact info (incl. PGP) on my website https://www.jayvii.de