There is that one odd #podcast I like which is only available on #youtube, which of course can not be inserted into my podcatcher OOTB.

So I wrote a little #PHP-script which refactors youtube's #rss into podcast rss-feed and fetches audio of video-entries on-demand via #ytdlp. It is not quite finished (for example, video-descriptions as well as channel-images are not fully implemented yet), but it is already functional. I use it with @AntennaPod without any issues.

Not sure, if this is too niche, but in case anyone else has a use for that:

Just started using #miniflux as #rss aggregator. Feels incredibly snappy and works well on desktop and as a PWA on the phone!

I've been using #selfoss for a few months now as my #selfhosted #news/#rss aggregator and stumble upon many quirks in the web and android client every other time. Might be time to return to #ttrss? I do like the simplicity of hosting selfoss over ttrss though. Have you tried other solutions?