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Also... Wie schon seit fast zwei Jahrzehnten per #RSS m枚glich? 馃

Bildbeschreibung: Screenshot von tagesschau.de in dem ein Popup zu sehen ist, bei dem f眉r ein ARD-Konto geworben wird. Mit diesem sei es m枚glich, sich individuelle Newsfeeds aus den verschiedenen Ressorts zusammen zu stellen.

I was playing with the idea of writing a very simple #selfhost|able webservice in #PHP where you can toss URLs to with a GET request and it puts out all previously collected URLs as an #RSS feed. That way I could add a very simple #ReadItLater functionality to my rss reader.

Turns out, the link-collection service I have been using for months (called linkding, check it out, it is great!) can do exactly that 馃槄

This was actually a nice read!


While I would probably not go for a "dumb" or feature phone at the moment (particularly for messaging; SMS is an insecure technology that needs to die already), the overall sentiment does resonate a lot with me.

I've read a bunch of insightful blogposts, articles and long-reads over the past few months about this topic. I did switch my habits a fair bit, especially after reading this post by amolith, which I also enjoyed a lot as well: https://secluded.site/pull-vs-push-intentional-notifications/

What I concluded for me personally is, that I want to be a lot less online to "kill time". This especially affects social media (in my case, that means the #fediverse) and doom-watching YouTube videos.

I intentionally selfhost an ActivityPub server that has few bells and whistles and is overall somewhat geared towards a slower feed (it's called #ktistec, check it out and leave some warm words for its developer!). I check in once a day or every other day. Still have some nice interactions and interesting thoughts to read, but nothing dragging me back every few minutes or notifications popping up constantly.

I enjoy reading interesting articles and blogposts and of course news about hobby interests, software developments & releases, discussions and A LOT about international, European and German politics. I use mostly #RSS for that. Again, this also follows the idea of "pull, not push". My preferred RSS client #miniflux just sits there and keeps collecting all my neatly compiled sources. And whenever I get around to it, I pull it up and start reading what's interesting and discard the rest. It does not notify me, it does not stress me: pull, not push.

Lastly, I started to use the Do Not Disturb mode of my phone and computer very liberally. Mostly on a timer during most of the day (during work and from 8PM until waking up), allowing only phone calls to get through and only from people in my contact list. I told family and friends to call me, when they need something from me immediately or for important issues. Messages on #signal can take several hours (sometimes days) until I see them.

This has gotten me in a better place, I think. Still, there are some "left-over issus" I am still unhappy about, such as YouTube/VOD consumption, which is still way more than I would like. And also the fact that i constantly have my phone on me and often times also in my hand, rarely even during conversations, which is horrible!

But I decided to not stress myself about that too much and work on minor changes in a consistent manner, as I have during the past months and years. It is all a process.

There is that one odd #podcast I like which is only available on #youtube, which of course can not be inserted into my podcatcher OOTB.

So I wrote a little #PHP-script which refactors youtube's #rss into podcast rss-feed and fetches audio of video-entries on-demand via #ytdlp. It is not quite finished (for example, video-descriptions as well as channel-images are not fully implemented yet), but it is already functional. I use it with @AntennaPod without any issues.

Not sure, if this is too niche, but in case anyone else has a use for that: https://codeberg.org/jayvii/yt2rss

Just started using #miniflux as #rss aggregator. Feels incredibly snappy and works well on desktop and as a PWA on the phone!

I've been using #selfoss for a few months now as my #selfhosted #news/#rss aggregator and stumble upon many quirks in the web and android client every other time. Might be time to return to #ttrss? I do like the simplicity of hosting selfoss over ttrss though. Have you tried other solutions?