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My partner made #vegan hotdogs wrapped in dough ("Hotdogs im Teigmantel"), so I am having a little treat on this Saturday morning #food #coffee

Image description: some small golden brown pastry with sesame seeds on top and a vegan sausage inside. Right next to it a little cup of coffee with oat milk.

Some fancy breakfast this morning with menemen, juice, my favorite black tea, freshly baked bread and olives 馃尡 #food #vegan

Image description: a black plate in a table. On top is a pile of scrambled tofu in a red tomatoe sauce and some spring onions on top. Next to.the plate is a glass of juice, a cup black tea with oat milk, some pickled olives and several slives of dark full grain bread as well as a glass of water.

Today: grilled vegetable soup, grilled cheeze sandwiches and pomegranate #vegan #food

Image description: A plate with several grilled cheese sandwiches, sliced to triangles, a medium sized bowl with some thick, creamy, orange-coloured soup and a smaller bowl with pomegranate inside

Throwback to the best #vegan D枚ner plate I have ever eaten (July 2022, #Nuremberg) #food

Image description 1: a small chocolate cake on a tiny plate. one piece is already missing

Image description 2: a vegan "D枚ner-Teller" with saitan chunks, salad, onions and a white sauce on top. on the left side of the plate is a small bottle of a soy-based ayran, labelled "Ayrun"

It does not always have to be too fancy. Sometimes it is enough to pimp up an instant soup with some backed tofu and sesame seeds. #food #vegan

Image description: a pot of south-east Asian style noodle soup in a blue and white bowl. You can see sesame seeds and chunks of tofu in the soup.