#PHP 3 hashtags

My keyword-based meta² search serĉi learned some new tricks and is a bit easier to use now!

Besides several categories you can browse to find keywords more easily, the backend has changed quite a bit as well! Both keyword-arrays and category-arrays are pre-generated from the configuration now. This makes it easy to configure but still maintain extremely high performance, and keep for-loop cycles low.

Everything in pure #PHP and without database, logging, cookies, etc. Give it a try and send me some feedback!

Lately, I've been using @MetaGer #MetaGer as my main #SearchEngine, but had been really missing bangs (known from #DuckDuckGo and other search engines).

So this morning I threw together a short #PHP site that I could use as search front, which handles bangs and redirects me to the correct search engine (is this meta-meta? ;D):

If you find bugs or want to contribute, feel free to check out my git repo and contribute:

I was playing with the idea of writing a very simple #selfhost|able webservice in #PHP where you can toss URLs to with a GET request and it puts out all previously collected URLs as an #RSS feed. That way I could add a very simple #ReadItLater functionality to my rss reader.

Turns out, the link-collection service I have been using for months (called linkding, check it out, it is great!) can do exactly that 😅