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i'm not convinced some people are smarter than other people in any interesting objective sense. i think some people are just more confident.

Fediverse! Where do you buy #audiobooks? Preferably #DRM-free. I am looking for audio|#books in #german & #english

Twitter's new "For You" page is 1/3 tweets and retweets from your mutuals, 1/3 random tweets your mutuals have commented on and 1/3 just completely random tweets from accounts nobody you know is even following. It is astonishing to watch the downhill climb that platform is doing over the past few months.

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As Mobian has gotten more popular, a more common question is if we support a particular phone. While it would be nice if manufacturers upstreamed their changes to make this task easy, the situation is (unfortunately) much more complicated than that.

We took some time to discuss what it takes to port Mobian (and Mobile Linux) to new devices:


Thanks @postmarketOS for the help making the post!

If you’re into documentaries, I highly recommend you to watch Cowspiracy. You are also welcome to check out the other articles on my vegan blog if you want. cardamonchai.com/2020/04/cowsp

How come that after all these decades, innovations and fancy solutions, the most accessible and most reliable way to do #backups is freaking zip/tar with low compression onto an external network drive... #linux

At work today I removed the `react-color` color picker widget library from our web app, which is 130kb of JS minified! You know what you can use instead of this in many cases?

<input type="color">

It's a thing!


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OK, ganz wichtig: kennt jemand eine noch aktive #Kegelbahn im #Saarland oder Raum #Zweibrücken / #Pirmasens ?
Ich würde super gerne mal wieder #Kegeln gehen, aber meine Recherchen fördern nur geschlossene Bahnleichen zutage.
Früher hatte doch echt jede zweite Kneipe eine Bahn ..

Gerne boost

"Can you explain this gap in your resume?"

Yes. Life is about more than constant and meaningless toil for 40-50 years and a desolate twilight of failed ambitions. The social contract is broken and the system is a lie. You and I are both trapped in the same Sisyphean hell, where no amount of working harder or longer will ever truly grant the rewards we were promised. The real question is, why are there no gaps in YOUR resume?


Errr, freelancing. I was freelancing.