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The normalisation of the extreme-right by the centre-right in Sweden went like this.

- we will never work with them.

- we happened to vote the same way as them.

- since we know they also like this policy, we will propose it. But we are not working with them!

- our policies are based on extreme-right support so it makes sense to talk to them

- a local council will be run with extreme-right support. But never nationally!

- YOLO national government with extreme right support, it's normal now

Privatsphäre kostet übrigens Geld und ist damit speziell in Deutschland ein Klassenproblem.

Bahnfahren ohne Tracking deiner Daten: BahnCard 100, 4339 oder mehr Euro im Fernverkehr 🤷‍♀️


Wer kann schon was gegen AfD-Stimmen haben, wenn dadurch der deutsche Michel zu seinem Eigenheim kommt. Exakt wie vor 90 Jahren denken Konservative, sie könnten die Faschisten für ihre Zwecke instrumentalisieren. Wie es endete, wissen wir. #Spahn #Thüringen #CDU #AfD

Die CDU hat im Landtag #Thüringen dank Stimmen der AfD (und FDP) aus der Opposition heraus einen Antrag zur Grundsteuer durchgebracht und damit jegliches Gerede von einer „demokratischen Brandmauer“ ad absurdum geführt. Der Landeschef der AfD-Thüringen Höcke darf seit Jahren rechtssicher als Faschist bezeichnet werden. Was für eine unglaubliche moralische Bankrotterklärung.

Clean Up The Web!

Just got reminded of this little site I put together when Google had first announced FLoC – now Topics and in Chrome.

Developers, it’s up to you to clean up the web:

• Don’t make sites that only work in Google Chrome.

• Remove Google’s trackers from your web sites and apps

• Don’t legitimise Google (and other surveillance capitalists) by becoming dev advocates, writing for them, etc.


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A short talk about #Chrome's Privacy Sandbox – implemented this week! – by one of the galaxy's leading #privacy experts. 🦑🛸

🚨 This is the weekend to share my comic #ContraChrome with your friends and loved ones, and help them make the jump to #Firefox.

👉 contrachrome.com

ℹ️ arstechnica.com/gadgets/2023/0

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#HelixEditor & #Tmux with only two lines of config makes a better code editor for #rstats than any other editor or #R IDE I tried before. Helix replaced neovim for me completely

Heatmap of #OpenStreetMap tile requests, zoom level 10, from the last couple days

Thanks to @bdon for the data script! mapstodon.space/@bdon@mastodon

A few weeks ago I asked y’all what blog posts were most influential to how you build for the web. I had a lot of fun building a little micro-site for these links and it’s now available:


This site makes a great reading list (and has an RSS feed too) and uses @cloudcannon with @eleventy.

A full tutorial on how this site was made is available here: youtube.com/watch?v=yXcxvBJuUL