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My #FP4 got updated to Android 12. Not sure I like the look of it. Also, I truly miss #phosh... Though I did hear that GNU/Linux is coming for the FP4, so we'll see ;)

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Second attempt :blobcatgiggle: #Twitter #Mastodon #comic #drawing

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Happy I Love Free Software Day #ILoveFS 💚

First, we would like to thank the #FreeSoftware community, all contributors and volunteers for their efforts to promote Free, #OpenSource Software (#FOSS).

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went out for a stroll and took the opportunity to shoot some photos of the foggy morning.

We really do life in the very worst of timelines: "Another type of worker". Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2023/02/11/child-labor-iowa/

Image descriptions: screenshots of the linked articles. The headline says: "In a tight labor market, some states look to another type of worker: children"

Dear Fedi!

Do you know of potential jobs in London which might be suitable for a senior software developer / sysadmin (me!) who has spent way too much time thinking about #DNS, #email and low-level web tech? Also, usability of security and encryption tools...

I'm planning a move next fall, and I guess the sooner I start looking around the more likely I am to find something good. Got any leads for me?

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Wirtschaftsliberalismus wieder am Limit. Verstaatlichung von Infrastruktur laut FDP immer schlecht.

Konsequenterweise müssten sie auch die Privatisierung von Autobahnen (inkl Mautstationen für PKW) fordern.

Ach warte, da ist Verstaatlichung plötzlich ✨ Freiheit ✨.

Quelle: https://www.tagesschau.de/wirtschaft/unternehmen/netzbetreiber-stromnetz-tennet-verhandlung-bund-eigenkapitalbedarf-101.html

Bildbeschreibung: Ausschnitt aus dem verlinkten Beitrag in dem es im die Position der FDP zum Kauf eines Stromnetzbetreibers durch den Staat geht.
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Oh look, Google being Google.

(In case you were thinking of learning/using Go, I’d say skip it. There are plenty of other fish in the sea. Unless you like telemetry by default in your programming languages and tools, that is. In fact, just don’t touch anything tainted by Google if you can help it.)


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