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Kazakh is a gender-neutral language, so Google Translate makes some.. interesting assumptions. 🤔

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And whose fault is that?

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It's just so strange to me how many people are not receptive to being told

"Hey maybe we shouldn't have all of our computers based on proprietary operating systems and APIs controlled by a single corporation"

"Hey maybe we shouldn't have web traffic directed and organized through search by a single corporation"

"Hey maybe the way that we talk to each other online shouldn't be owned and controlled through algorithms and advertising managed by a single corporation"


"Wir wollen die illegalen
Zurückweisungen und das Leid an den Außengrenzen beenden" ...


... indem wir pushbacks einfach legalisieren und die Menschen in geschlossene Lager sperren, wo man es nicht mehr so gut sehen kann.

Sometimes criminals close the door when plotting crimes.

“We should ban doors!” 🚫🚪

Sometimes criminals hide weapons under their clothes.

“We should ban clothes!” 🚫👖


Do not fall for these misguided arguments.

Most of the time people use end-to-end encrypted apps to talk about the most mundane things.

Sometimes vulnerable people use end-to-end encryption to protect themselves and stay safe.

We should keep and cherish encryption.

We should demand it everywhere.

End-to-end encryption protects our human right to privacy and safety.

We must fight for it! ✊🔒

#RootForE2EE #E2EE #Encryption #Privacy

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Heute vor 78 Jahren, am 8. Mai 1945, wird in #Berlin-Karlshorst die bedingungslose #Kapitulation unterzeichnet.

#NieWieder #Faschismus

I made some pea-based spread to go with the bread I baked yesterday. Surprisingly simple and really delicious! #vegan
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Die Bevölkerung ist nur unzureichend über #Klimakrise aufgeklärt,vor allen Dingen die junge Autofahrer/Motorradfahrer-Generation scheint nicht zu wissen was auf sie zukommt, eigentlich ist hier die Regierung in der Pflicht aber Olaf #Scholz ist weder zu hören noch zu sehen #klimakollaps
@Bundesregierung @bundeskanzler

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Weekly Update 📰

▶️ Last Monday was #InternationalWorkersDay. Since on this day, in addition to the rights of workers, many social issues are highlighted, we would like to recommend our blog post entitled "Why privacy is an urgent social issue": vioffice.de/blog/privacy-as-so

▶️ #InfoMonday: Next week, we will publish a new blog post. It will be about AI in the European Union. So stay tuned. 🇪🇺