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Has anyone experience with #S3 object storage? IONOS has a relatively cheap offer and I am thinking about using it as my main file storage on my #VPS (mostly music). #selfhosted #opensource #linux

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There are very limited distro options for the visually impaired users out there.

We take a look at some that are tailored for them.



The problem with #AI is not the technology itself.

The problem is #capitalism.

AI developed and controlled by greedy capitalists will not be put to good ethical use.

AI will be used in whatever way is most profitable, regardless of what harm it may cause - like every other product and service under capitalism.

Artificial intelligence will be every bit as cold, evil, and ruthless as the billionaires who made it and own it.

Buckle up folks, cause that genie is not going back into the bottle.

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50% der Menschen in 🇩🇪 besitzen 1,3% des Gesamtvermögens, die oberen 10% besitzen 67%. Die Pandemie hat diese #Ungleichheit weiter vergrößert. Die Energiekrise trifft vor allem die 50%, die praktisch keine Ersparnisse und damit kaum Absicherung haben.


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It’s a complete failure of infosec-meets-user-psychology that “this TLS certificate is issued for your bank and the server is sneaky hackerman dot com” and “this otherwise valid certificate expired a day ago” have the EXACT SAME USER EXPERIENCE.

Did a puzzle with my partner over the weekend. Really nice thing to do with another person 🙂✌️

Image description: a finished 1000 pieces puzzle showing regional and seasonal plant foods, categorized by the four seasons
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Twitter appears to have stopped third party Twitter apps from accessing their network, without any warning or explanation. The reason Twitter can do this is because they control twitter.com and there are no other servers to choose from.

This kind of instant shutdown cannot happen on Mastodon or the Fediverse, because there are thousands of independent servers running on free open software standards.

This is why third party apps are so much more widely used on Mastodon and the Fediverse.

 really dislike that Twitter is preventing me from removing old favorites.

Deleters that use the API can only gather the past 3,200 likes, so I wrote a JavaScript snippet that does the job instead. But now, Twitter does not display my old favorites anymore (however, they are still there!)

Image description: screenshot of my old, unused twitter profile, showing the tabs of "liked" tweets which is empty. It says "you do not have any liked tweets". At the upper end of the screenshot, the count of liked tweets was marked by me: 22,896 likes.

That was completely crazy. Amazing bands and a whopping 120 minute power performance by Architects 🤘

Images show some impressions from the sets of Architects, Northland and Sleep Token.

IMG_20230107_214917.jpg 4.14 MB
IMG_20230107_194246.jpg 1.76 MB
IMG_20230107_190217.jpg 2.41 MB
totally forgot to post about this #vegan new years eve roast we had! it was just as tasty as it looks and fairly simple to prepare 🙂