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What's the current trend in #immutable #Linux desktops? I've been following developments of #Fedora silverblue and #OpenSuse MicroOS, bit haven't found an afwul lot of user experiences for day-to-day desktop usage. Anyone out there with insights or recommendations?

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shot: Mozilla cuts 250 jobs, says Firefox development will be affected (blog.mozilla.org/en/mozilla/ch)

chaser: Mozilla is committing $30M to build Mozilla.ai: A startup building a "trustworthy, independent, and open-source AI ecosystem" (blog.mozilla.org/en/mozilla/in)

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Mozilla is really a weird beast. Jumping on the "AI" hypetrain while firing people who work on Firefox is ... a bit strange. Sure Firefox doesn't directly make money but without it why bother at all? Do we really need another "trustworthy, independent, and open-source AI" startup that dives into the "there is no alternative" narrative of "AI"?


Schön! #Trier @trier auf Tagesschau.de und dann auch noch zu einem so positiven Thema: Kläranlagen erzeugen Energie - Tagesschau.de. #Energiewende

Aus aktuellem Anlass hier noch mal: Es gibt keine "für den Betrieb einer Webseite notwendigen Cookies." Punkt.
Es gibt keinen Anwendungsfall, der nicht e.g. durch ein Login (dann mit Zustimmungsabfrage und viel mehr Möglichkeiten) abgebildet werden kann.
Jeder, der Euch "für den Betrieb notwendige Cookies unterjubelt", will an Euere Daten und hat was zu verbergen.

Wer keine Daten erhebt, braucht auch kein Cookie-Banner.


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Sea-Watch is looking for a cook for vegan cuisine

on board, immediately


#SeaWatch #Cook #Vegan

First flight in 17 years went surprisingly smooth. And now for a few days of holidays ✌️

EuGH-Gutachten: Schufa-Scoring verstößt gegen EU-Recht

Haben wir schon länger geahnt, jetzt wird es hoffentlich bald amtlich.

In exciting news I appear to be part of one of the first data breaches of the fediverse era!

I got this email 20 minutes ago letting me know my data migration from mastodon.social was dumped in a breach.

I'm going to be honest, I've got some opinions on the fact that a public bucket is used to store archives, with just obfuscation to stop people from downloading them.

#mastodon #infosec #fediverse

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When I was in Luxembourg this weekend, I saw these embossed markings on crosswalk buttons that show the layout of the crossing. This one shows multiple car lanes, tram tracks and inbetween pedestrian islands. #accessibility