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In my experience as an autistic person humans are very bad at actually answering questions, so I wouldn’t say that “human-level performance” is a very meaningful benchmark for ML-based question answering systems

An IBM slide from 1979

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Porsche-Chrissi bei "Ein Herz für Kinder".

Mehr Scheinheiligkeit geht nicht.

#AntennasPod generates a year in review completely offline on your phone. This is a really funny surprise, I enjoyed the #echo a lot :)

Image description: screenshot of a stories/reel like view in the podcast app AntennaPod. It says "Your podcast year 2023. Privately generated on your phone".
Image description: a few slides later, the screen now says: "Thank you, that you have been with us this year again. You downloaded your first episode in November 2021. It is an honor for us to be there for you since then".
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Salaires du PDG de #Mozilla :

- 2022 - $6.9m/yr

- 2021 - $5.5m/yr

- 2020 - $2.6m/yr

- 2019 - $3.0m/yr

- 2018 - $2.4m/yr

- 2017 - $2.2m/yr

- 2016 - $1.0m/yr

- 2015 - $997k/yr

Oui +1,4 millions de dollars cette année… Je vous laisse regarder les chiffres d'usage de #firefox.

Cette organisation a de graves soucis de management à mon avis :(

Das Smartphone piept. Diese Benachrichtigung kommt von einem Push-Dienst, fast immer von den Smartphone-Firmen. So erfahren Behörden, welcher Google/Apple-Account hinter Signal-User +49-172-9973185 oder Threema-User ECHOECHO steckt. Wir wollen Auskunft. netzpolitik.org/2023/push-dien

Wir gedenken Amadeu Antonio, der heute vor 33 Jahren starb, nachdem er am 25.11.1990 von einer Gruppe Rechtsextremer ins Koma geprügelt wurde.
Amadeu Antonio gilt als eines der ersten Todesopfer rechter Gewalt seit der Wiedervereinigung Deutschlands.

Der Angolaner Amadeu Antonio war der Älteste von 12 Geschwistern und wurde am 12. August 1962 in der Stadt Quimbele geboren. Seine Freund*innen beschreiben ihn als aufgeschlossenen und ruhigen Menschen, der die Musik liebte.

#Architects released another great song. Besides hard breakdowns and great shouts, there are longer parts of ✨singing✨, which is not so common for this band 😅 I really love their new style, particularly within this song. Looking forward so much to the concert in January 🤘 #music #metal #metalcore


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Installing Windows for the first time in a decade for my parents.

Never before have I seen such a trash tier operating system. It doesn't even feel like you own you own computer anymore.

- Trying to convince you to create a online Live account to use your computer.

- Shoving junk you don't need down your throat. Pinning it all to the start menu.

- Begging you not to download a better browser, begging you again when you change all the web defaults by hand.

- Begging you to use OneDrive.

- Claiming that OneDrive and an online account is a "security" feature.

- Doing it all again when you run a software update.

AND trying to charge you $249.99 for a HOME license on the app store for the privilege of not owning your own computer.

Long live Linux, you'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands.

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